June 1st, 1998 Letter to All Traveling Overseers

Former Child Abusers Who Move: The June 1st, 1998 letter to bodies of elders

This document is dated June 1st, 1998 and is directed to all Jehovah’s Witness Traveling (Circuit) Overseers in the United States Branch Territory.



Former Child Abusers Who Move: The March 14, 1997 letter to bodies of elders, page 2, paragraph 3, gives the following direction. regarding a former child molester who moves:

“The secretary should write on behalf of the elders to the new congregation’s body of elders and outline this publisher’s background and what the elders in the old congregation have been doing to assist him.” Please note .an exception to this direction: The elders may have written to the branch office and given full details about a former child abuser who is currently serving as an elder or ministerial servant. In such a case, if the branch office has decided that he can continue serving in a position of trust because the sin occurred many years ago and because he has lived an exemplary life since then, it will not be necessary to pass on information about the brother’s past sin if he moves to another congregation. Please have the elders make note of this clarification during your visits.

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