JW Child Abuse is being developed as a reference site for the sharing of resources and court documents for civil and criminal cases involving Jehovah’s Witnesses. By sharing legislative and legal information, we provide survivors of abuse and their supporters a pathway to change.

This site is designed with the intention of presenting facts and information related to child abuse cases that involve the Jehovah’s Witness Church.

If you have any documents resources to share, please email us at support@jwchildabuse.org

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  1. i do not have any documents to share but just wanted to send a huge thank you with the deepest gratitude for Mark O.. for all that he has done to bring things to light regarding this very important issue… and thank you to Kimmy, his wife for her support and her story.. Behind every great man is an equally great woman.. so thank you both for giving of your time and talents to so selflessly help others.. i am sure, just as my husband and i, you are better people for having left the JW organization and you are a valuable resource to all of us, especially victims.. Great big love and gratitude to you.. With peace and love..Lora

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