11-0 Order Granting Application to Strike

11-0 Order Granting Application to Strike

September 23rd, 2020



NOW, September 23, 2020, upon consideration of Respondent’s Application to Strike Petitioner’s Brief in Support of Summary Relief, wherein Respondent asserts Petitioner’s brief exceeds the word count limit set forth in Pennsylvania Rule of Appellate Procedure 2135(a)(1), and Petitioner’s Answer thereto, the Application to Strike is granted.

The Prothonotary is directed to accept Petitioner’s amended brief, which is attached to Petitioner’s Answer as Exhibit 1, and docket it as Petitioner’s Brief in Support of Application for Summary Relief.


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Categories: Ivy Hill Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses versus Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, DHS
Tags: Ivy Hill Congregation of JWs Versus Pennsylvania
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JWCA Document Number: 11.0
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